As New York hits the art world headlines, Gurley’s latest series of work uses this remarkable city as her focus and inspiration. As art and popular culture collide in Manhattan, mass entertainment takes centre stage in Gurley’s playful canvases. Her screenprints, highly skilled but seemingly chaotic, become snapshots of a personal experience now shared.

Glimpses of the familiar lay hidden beneath the built up layers of the canvas – Hershey’s, Coca-Cola, yellow cabs, diners – they are all there, drawing you further in as you spot them one by one

Her work is a constant build up of artistic processes; developing early ideas with collage and mixed media she then transfers her work to silk screens creating unique and individual works. Early on in her career Gurley gained a degree in photography which she now uses as one of the many components of her work. Personal photos, her own imagery and writing are put together with mass media imagery evoking a feeling of familiarity within a seemingly chaotic structure. Each viewer is drawn to different elements, the elements representing an outpouring of emotion, thought and reaction. Often the work is self perpetuating with each and every work being a reaction to the last piece of work or a statement of excitement about the next.

Described by Agyness Deyn as one of her favourite artists, Gurley’s work distinguishes itself with its uniqueness and is considered to be highly collectable.