Sachiyo Nishimura is drawn to the visual language of industrialisation; by pushing the boundaries of photography she conveys the fascinating anonymity of certain urban spaces and objects of which we have become oblivious. Railway stations and power lines feature heavily in her work. On the one hand these are familiar to the viewer, but on the other, out of context and without location, they are rendered ambiguous. Through Sachiyo’s meticulous post production process, which involves endless grid schematics and geometrical sketches, she proposes another version of the cityscape that is more beautiful, complex and thought provoking than what actually exists.

The “Lines” series is a body of work which explores, through photography, the variations of the line as a graphic element. Using photographic images of public wirings, tram lines and telecommunication cables that hang above several cities in Europe and beyond, the artwork aims to elaborate a graphic language in-between the photographic medium and the drawing practice. By applying graphic techniques to alter the image such as cropping, overlapping and modifying the scale of the original photograph, these urban objects get further away from its original context and get closer to a sort of abstract interpretation of the urban landscape within a new complex structure.

Currently living and working in London, Sachiyo completed her BA in Fine Arts at the Universidad Catolica de Chile in 2001, and later in 2002 she attended professional courses on photography at Grisart and IDEP, both schools in Barcelona, Spain. In 2007 she moved to London to complete her MA in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins. During the past 12 years she has participated in exhibitions in Chile and in the UK, both group and solo shows and has undertaken both public and private commissions. Her work was selected and exhibited in Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2008, Liverpool Biennial and London, and she was awarded the first prize at the DLA Piper Art Award 2009 and received the Chelsea Arts Club Trust Stan Smith Award 2011. She has had recent exhibitions at the Architectural Association and Sarah Myerscough Gallery in London.

Art Work


Lines 05-01

Photography Giclee Print // 110cm x 70cm // Edition of 10

£2500 Framed  


Lines 01-01

Photography Giclee Print // 105cm x 90cm // Edition of 10

£2500 Framed  

S Nishimura_L02_01_26x33

Lines 02-01 

More prints available within the Lines 02 Series, please contact for details and images

Photography Giclee Print // 29cm x 33cm // Edition of 10

£290 Unframed 

£340 Framed 


Lines 04-04

More prints available within the Lines 04 Series, please contact for details and images

Photography Giclee Print // 35cm x 35cm // Edition of 10

£310 Unframed 

£360 Framed 


Lines 07-04

More prints available within the Lines 04 Series, please contact for details and images

Photography Giclee Print // 27cm x 47cm // Edition of 10

£310 Unframed 

£360 Framed 

‘Landscape Fiction 12′ 1, 3 7 and 9

Limited edition Giclee Print 50cm x 21cm

Priced individually £400 each (Framed)


‘Landscape Fiction 14′

Limited edition Giclee Print  115cmx55cm

£2,400 (Framed)


‘Landscape Fiction 15′  

Limited edition Giclee Print 110x68cm

£2,400  (Framed)

Landscape/Fiction 14 and 15A are available either as seen as one single print or, in a larger size of individual modules. For the larger size various printing and framing methods are available so please contact us for further information.


‘Distant Landscape’

Limited edition C Type Print Mounted on Aluminium 30cmx180cm