Charles joined the gallery at the start of 2017 as our first artist in residence. He will be working with us to further develop our research and production of VR art works.
With a highly mixed-media approach to his practice, including VR experiences, installation and pencil drawings, Charles employs experimental techniques to bring these various media together. Trained in Art History followed by an MA Digital Fine Art at Camberwell College of Art, our first Artist-in-Residence epitomises the gallery’s ethos of merging the disciplines of architecture and art, using the latest in virtual reality technologies to create stunning environments and physical works.

Architecture completes a cultural memory of the area in which it stands. Deep in the cities, there are rows of buildings, each defining their own time. Just walking down one of these roads triggers a sense of physical history that reminds you what had been before. The internet’s current architecture is based on books, scrolls, images, and videos, however with the potential emergence of virtual space, and a consumer interface to access it, this current structure could change to one based on corridors, rooms and public spaces. I aim to look into the possibility of digital architecture and the cultural identities it could form. The buildings within our reality are set in stone as the unchangeable landmark of someone else’s work. Within this digital space, the user is able to control what the environment is made up of, and the elements within it, be it their own designs, or those of others.”

NEWS – PORTAL_00 @ Continua Spheres ENSEMBLE

AKA ‘The Virtual Reality Toilet’ this collaborative project was initially developed by Charles and Jocelyn Anquetil for Boomtown Fair 2016. Studying at Camberwell and Central St Martins respectively the pair mapped out the the idea whilst in a pub in Kings Cross. Developed and designed in Blender Charles describes the concept as simple – we feel however that plummeting through a portaloo that looks as if it has landed from out of space into an underworld of neon corridors which lead you to a bar, dancefloor and bubbles is anything but!  12 months after its inception PORTAL_00 will be shown alongside the works of Ai Weiwei and Anish Kapoor at Spheres 10th anniversary exhibition.

Simultaneously PORTAL_01 – the next portaloo adventure series, will be making its debut at Gazelli Art House from Thursday 14 September.


NEXT – LOCI 2018

People perish. Depending on what you believe of an afterlife, scientifically, what we all know to physically remain of the human body are bones, nails and hair. Aside from these, architecture and objects have been the best way to understand human lives from the past. Whether it’s the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon or Samuel Pepys accounts of the Fire of London. Before the digital age, artefacts and ruins such as these have been the most descriptive indicators of human existence.

The internet and digital technologies have altered this, allowing the understanding of human experience to be made up of de-centralised, non-physical computer data. Social Media and the internet has had a profound effect on individual identity, so much so, that the data we leave, will be as important in understanding our pasts as our skeletons.

Centuries from now, perhaps the digital world we are developing will become synonymous with the physical. Maybe archaeologists and historians from that time will only need to use these data footprints to understand our daily life and experience just as people have done so with the famous relics and ruins we know and cherish today.

This is the starting point for Loci. To visualise attributes of our data driven lives as the ruins and relics we leave behind.

Charles’ latest virtual reality art work will make its debut at Anise Gallery early 2018