Controlled Realities
Opening Night 14 June 6pm ← Back to the portfolio

Anise Gallery are delighted to present a collaborative exhibition between Aesthetica art prize winner Rachel Ara, Charles Harrop-Griffiths and Jacek Ludwig Scarso. The artists have highly diverse methods and influences in making art, but come together in conversation about how art has the power to highlight forms of control and different perceptions of reality.

This is where ‘Controlled Realities’ takes its name, as each artist provides an insightful critique on power via commentary on fake news and technology. Its subtitle, ‘Virtual. Digital. Analogue’ describes each artist’s technique, yet as the exhibition unfolds we find that, in an age saturated with technology and mass production, the categories are not mutually exclusive. Whether located in the virtual, digital or analogue realm, the exhibition looks at constructed environments and how different technologies have contributed to the blurred lines of the real and the artificial.


Controlled Realities <br/> Opening Night 14 June 6pm
Controlled Realities <br/> Opening Night 14 June 6pm